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Welcome to Gloria Travel & Taxes our company is a multiservice business. We have extensive experience in making income taxes, our mission is to work with individuals and organizations to help them maximize their financial resources, taking advantage of our experiences, we advise you on tourist packages and ticket sales worldwide, and also in immigration , document notifications; We are focused on meeting your needs, whether local or abroad, when you arrive at our office you feel comfortable asking questions of your concerns at all times. You will find that we listen to your needs and most importantly, we are able to meet them.

We grant guarantee, efficiency and punctuality in all kinds of services we offer to our customers is what makes our business different and unique.


In 2002, Ms. Alva opened her tax preparation office in Falls Church, Virginia. He graduated from the Law School of the National University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru. His work experience includes work in the Supreme Court of the Judiciary and held the position of Magistrate as Criminal Judge in Tacna, Peru. He worked at the Lima Bar Association. Since arriving in the United States in 1999, Ms. Alva has participated in the provision of professional services and volunteering in different community activities, as Vice President of the Consultation Council of the Consulate General of Peru in Washington DC. Founder of the Peruvian Lawyers Association of Washington DC. (PLAWASH). After some time a new GLORIA TRAVEL & TOURS company was expanded, which we are successfully serving our Latin Community.

PLAWASH - Founder Award - 2002

AIPEUC - 2004

Latin Maya Awards - 2019

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